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America Under Siege

What We Can and Must Do About It

     Everything you read in this article, "America Under Siege", has been foretold through Biblical prophecy over 2,800 years ago.  Various New Testament writings by Jesus and the Apostles Paul, John and Peter, brought some clarity to  these prophecies and gave clues to timelines along with certain instructions and warnings.

Isaiah 2, 9, 11, 13                                   Matthew 24,

Micah 4                                                 Hebrews 1:2,

Jeremiah 30, 33, 50                              Hebrews 9:26,

Hosea 3                                               Acts 2:14-17,

Joel 2, 3,                                                 2 Timothy 3:1,

Zechariah 8                                           1 Peter 1:20,

Ezekiel 30                                              1 Peter 4:7,

Amos 5                                                    2 Peter 3:3.

     The intended purposes of this article are to correctly frame the context of current and past world events and the inexorable  march toward a Socialist-Marxist One World Government, from a Biblical worldview, and to outline actionable steps of what we can and must take.

     American culture, societal norms, family structures, personal freedoms, legacy and history are being desecrated,  destroyed and dissolved. Our Constitutional ‘guarantees’ are being ignored, violated and negated. You might say our Constitution is being shredded right before our eyes, and no one is doing anything to stop it.

     The Democrat Party in America has adopted and is practicing Socialist-Marxism.  Their plan is the dissolution of  our way of life with the plan of merging the United States into a confederation of a one world government.  (see, "Our Global Neighborhood")

     The so-called Conservative leadership in America is either complicit, or has become ineffective, self-serving and  cowardly - or both.  Conservatives in congress are being soundly defeated in a political war for the soul and existence of America, which they don’t understand, using outdated methods against a foe who is expert at a new style of guerrilla warfare.  

     We are losing, and in fact, may have already lost our nation, our freedoms and our way of life, and it is getting worse.

     The Marxist organization, UNESCO, through their Agenda 21, over the past 75 years, have developed an advanced framework for the dissolution of every nation’s sovereignty and borders.  Their plan, “when implemented, will bring all the people of the world into a global neighborhood managed by a world-wide bureaucracy, under the direct authority of a minute handful of appointed individuals, and policed by thousands of individuals, paid by accredited NGOs, certified to support a belief system which contains ideas that are foreign to the American experience, and ignores other values and ideas that are precious to the American experience.” (The Commission on Global Governance, 1996; also see, Global Governance, Our Global Neighborhood, The Report  of the Commission on Global Governance)

     There was a World Summit on Sustainable Development, held in New York City, NY, USA, September 15-17, 2015, in which a date of 2030 has been set for complete global dominance by this Marxist global movement.

     As of this date, August 31, 2021, these Globalists, have been embedded in our U.S.government, in our legal system at every level, in our religious systems, in our churches, in our school, colleges and institutions of higher education. Over 528 American cities are members of “Local Governments for Sustainability”, which is the Agenda 21 program at the local level.  Also known as “ICLEI, an international Marxist and Socialist leaning sustainability organization, that helps to implement the Agenda 21 and Local Agenda 21 concepts across the world. The United States has nearly half of the ICLEIs global membership of 1,200 cities promoting sustainable development at a local level. (Former presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush, were responsible for promoting and implementing these Marxists programs in America.)

(PLEASE NOTE: Links on these pages contain important details and are used in lieu of footnotes and citations.)

     UNESCO, Agenda 21 and their various entities are using Marxist methods to erase and eradicate the culture, history and legacy of the countries and nations both in Europe and in America.

     It is made more difficult to stop the dissolution of our America, since we, in America, have forgotten the principles upon which our country was built.  The principles which made America the greatest nation the world has ever seen  are principles which spring from the Judeo-Christian ethos.  This is reflected in all our founding documents and in the personalities and lives of our founding fathers.

     The spiritual evil swallowing our Nation has always lurked in our world, infecting and infesting the minds of people who, then manifest this evil on earth, killing, stealing and destroying everything good.  Because of our Nation was founded on Biblical principles, and our nation trusted and followed God, we have been protected and blessed.  Now, we have gone our own way and forgotten God and His Ways and judgment has come.


     Any attempt to win back our Nation and our freedoms will take an extraordinary effort, supreme personal sacrifice and a lifetime effort, and there are very few willing to make such a commitment.

     But, there still may be hope. There are still some Americans willing to carry this fight to the enemy, and would be willing to make the commitment if they knew who to follow, knew just what to do and how to do it. But, it appears there will be no help from the leadership of any existing political, social or religious organization. It would have to be a true grassroots movement with a new type of leadership. It will take fearless men and women who are full of faith in God, who will not compromise on God’s Word and Ways, who will not surrender nor will they quit, even in the face of ruin or death.

The following pages will articulate the steps we must take to engage the enemy and drive

this manifest evil from our land.  I have abbreviated simplified these steps, but they will work

if you and I will do them.  It will take each one of us doing our part.


     So, please, as God’s people, let’s stop living in fear and confusion.  Let's stop lamenting, crying, complaining and despairing and let's get to work.  Please follow this link to page 2, "OUR STRUGGLE"

“Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, and the accuser of our brethren will be thrown down, that is, he who accuses us before our God day and night. And we will overcome him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of our testimony, and we do not love our life even when faced with death.”

(Paraphrase of Revelation 12:10-11)



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