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Christianity and Communism 


"Communism emerged in history as a sworn and bitter enemy of Christianity. For its part, Christianity recognizes it as completely alien and inimical with itself."   from

Let us now examine the question of the relationship of Christianity with Communism more precisely, to that particular form of communism which has now appeared as an attempt to realize the ideas of socialism. This form of communism emerged in history as a sworn and bitter enemy of Christianity. For its part, Christianity recognizes it as completely alien and inimical with itself.

The history of the Church in apostolic times reveals that, in those times, it had its own Christian communalism and the faithful held everything common, as the Acts of the Apostles says. Even now, this Christian communalism exists in the form of Koenobitic monasticism. Both the concept and reality of communal property is a bright, idealistically elevated type of Christian inter-relationship, examples of which have always existed in the Orthodox Church.


How great is the difference between such Christian communalism and Soviet communism! One is as far from the other as the heavens are from the earth. Christian communalism (sometime referred to as Christian communism) is not an independent self-motivated goal to which Christianity might strive.  Rather, it is an inheritance bred of that spirit of love by which the Church has breathed from the first. Moreover, Christian communism is totally voluntary. No one says, "Give us what is yours, it belongs to us," rather, Christians themselves sacrificed so that "none of them considered any of their possessions to be their own."


The communalism of property in Soviet communism is a self-motivated goal which must be attained no matter what the consequences and regardless of any considerations. The builders of this type of communism are attaining it by purely violent means, not balking at any measure, even the slaughter of all those who do not agree.  The bases of this communism are not freedom, as in Christian communalism, but force; not sacrificial love, but envy and hatred.


In its struggle against religion, Soviet communism goes to such excesses that it excludes even that most elementary justice which is recognized by everyone.  In its class ideology, Soviet communism tramples on all justice.  The object of its work is not the common weal of all the citizens of the state, but only the interests of a single class. All the remaining state and social groupings of citizens are "thrown overboard," outside the care and protection of the communist government. The ruling class has no concern for them.

Communist, Vladimir Lenin, once said, "Atheism is a natural and inseparable portion of Marxism, of the theory and practice of Scientific Socialism."  Where there is a supreme God, there is a less supreme man who is necessarily under subjection to the supreme God. Therefore, where there is a supreme God, man has limited power, especially since the supreme God may "interfere" at any time and take charge -- unpredictably, according to His own counsel".  


In other words, as the anti-Communism expert, Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, put it, "If God exists and is in supreme command of the universe, He possesses discretionary power, and His actions cannot always be calculated accurately in advance."   The reality of a ruling God topples Communism's man-centered, predictable-circumstance-based sandcastle; so the idea of God must go--as a "law."

It is this authors position that Socialism and Communism are the anathema of Christianity.  They cannot coexist.  They are incompatible.  One must survive and the other must cease to exist.

The Christian doctrine of eschatology teaches the complete eradication of Socialism, Communism and their adherents. (Read the New Testament
Book of the Revelation).

Your Brother and Friend in the Bonds of Christ, alone!

Mike Young

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