Earlier this month, at a gathering of the Deep State "intelligencia" at a Johns Hopkins forum, former Acting CIA Director, John McLaughlin, appeared with failed Russia-gate coup architect and former CIA director John Brennan.  McLaughlin decided to unmask and declare a hearty “Thank God for the Deep State”.  They went on to defend themselves of treason and sedition by asserting that they are true patriots, and that they have the best interests of the nation at heart.

It is my opinion that the then-fledgling Deep State got away with the assassination of JFK in 1963 in retribution for in a remarkable speech by Kennedy, in which he threatened to destroy the Deep State and expose their secret agency and secret agenda.  

  • This Deep State has since gained nearly complete control of all global intelligence apparatus.

  • They have infiltrated agencies in every nation.

  • They control information in nearly every government.


They are a cancer that needs to be destroyed. Nothing has stood in their way – until President Trump.

 What the Deep State didn’t count on was that ,patriot, Admiral Mike Rogers would expose this coup attempt.  Rogers, the former head of the NSA, made us aware that the CIA, and other intelligence gathering agencies were spying on then President Elect Trump - with president Obama’s knowledge and consent.  Former DNI Director, James Clapper, later, admitted as much.

Operation ‘Frame President Trump’ was begun, and despite their failure to destroy Trump's candidacy, efforts to destroy his presidency continues to this day.  Keep this in mind if the Democrats are successful in their attempts to impeach the president and regain control they win big – and America is lost.

 The CIA controls the Main Stream Media, so it’s no surprise we haven’t heard about most of this conspiracy.  However, all of this is documented, and available, at least for now.  

The silencing of 'alternative media outlets' who have researched and exposed this plot and the 'traitors' involved, is complete and deafening.

 We anxiously await the Inspector General’s Report and hope for numerous indictments by Attorney General Barr.


Pray for a quick and just outcome.  In the meantime, 'Keep your powder dry and your head low'.  This could be a bumpy ride.


Catherine Crabill, Irvington, VA, is the author of "To Say the Hard Things: A Chronicle of Triumph Over Brokenness and Failure"

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