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Alsi, want to know how friends doing?  Or start a NEW topic for discussion?  Or just ask "What's going on with you today"? 

You may be thinking, "I already use Facebook, Twitter and several other social media sites, why do I need another one that isn't a sophisticated?"

I don't have a really good answer, if that is what you are thinking.  But, this one IS a Christian oriented site, so we work on keeping it 'clean'.

But, why not have one more social comment site?  You can discuss things here, and in greater depth, than you would be encouraged to do elsewhere.  Right?

Of course, everyone is welcomed, but, this is a "different" kind of site.  AND, I / we need you here.  We need the help, the discussion and the motivation to walk together and discuss things from a Christian perspective.  So, come on!  Jump in!

We are establishing teaching centerssmall group learning centers.  We need teachers and facilitators.  We will provide training.  We are distinctively Christian and Biblical in our approach to spritual, social and political activities.  We also support and encourage support for Samaritan's Purse, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and other charities.

God's Truth ~ 4726 Courthouse Road ~ Heathsville , Virginia 22473

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