Here is who is coming and what you are bringing.  (you can carpool if you wish)

George & Marilyn Carter        Estero                                             dessert

John & Cindy Siwy                   Tidewater, Estero                          dessert

Mike & Betty Young                Tidewater, Estero                          drinks, appetizers, rolls

Gary & NinaBateman             Villagio, Estero                               Appetizer

John & Connie Massey           Fort Myers                                      meat dish

Bruce & Janice Bartlett           Tidewater, Estero                          meat dish

Mike & Nancy Bradberry       The Preserve, Estero                     meat dish

Dick & Mariann Tarvin           Bonita Springs                                vegetable dish

Michael & Janet Coss             San Carols, Estero                          vegetable dish

Adele Amico                            Osprey Cove, Estero                      vegetable dish

Carolyn Hodges                      Bonita Springs                                vegetable dish

Reggie & Rose Cormier         Grandezza, Estero                          dessert

Joyce Bible                               Estero                                               choice

(If you have any questions or comments, you can call us - or talk to one another on the comments section, below!  See you Saturday!)