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Take this quiz.  Grade yourself.  Pray.  Ask the obvious.  Listen.










1.  Where did Jesus 'congregate' (meet for preaching, teaching, evangelism, worship)?

2.  Where did Jesus preach?

3.  Where did Jesus teach?


4.  Where did Jesus minister?


5.  When was the first building used which was called "a church"?


6.  Where did Jesus disciples get their training?


7.  After Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension, where did Christians gather?


8.  What was Jesus' last instruction to His disciples before He ascended into heaven?


Why does this even matter?

Now answer these questions for yourself:


Where do you congregate?
Where do you preach?

Where do you teach?

Where do you minister?

What do you call your building where you gather on Sundays?

Where do (or did) you or your pastor get your training?

Where do you go and what do you do in response to the Great Commission?


Does it matter?

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