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Hi, I'm Pat.


In sociology, feminization is the shift in gender roles and sex roles in a society, group, or organization towards a focus upon the feminine. It can also mean the incorporation of women into a group or a profession that was once dominated by men.

I attended a men's Bible Study and Fellowship (BSF) in Naples, Florida, for about a year.  This group had grown to about one hundred men.  One evening, before our study and discussions, we sang some hymns, a cappella.  The sound and experience of men singing songs to God, moved and inspired me.  (I would say it gave me chills, but that isn't manly enough to describe what I felt - yes felt)

Another time, another place, two men in a church I attended, sang "Amazing Grace".  They had great harmonizing, great and forceful voices.  It was a real inspiration.  But, once again, there was something about the sound of real men, singing like - well - like men.  It brought the congregation to its feet in thunderous shouts and applause.


I guess we have become (sadly) accustomed to male singers like Wayne Newton or, later, the Backstreet boys, (yes, I am older).  But, you know the style of coifed hair, high pitched voices and sexy for the girls and women, but, not the 'manly types'.   Now, in the year 2020, we have the likes of Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Justin Bieber, which I have no desire to watch or listen to more than once.  (They are just 'too pretty' for me)

Long gone are the likes of Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Presley, Barry White or Roy Orbison.  You know, the "manly" types.

So, why do I bring this up?


In case you haven't heard there is a work afoot to "feminize" our culture.  It is succeeding and is making greater progress in the twenty first century.  We are seeing the outcome:  Men living in their parent's basement, pretty boys in tight pants on fashion runways, "snowflakes needing safe spaces", LGBQTIA, gender confusion (etc).  It's hard to tell, sometimes, "What it is".  (You know.  Is PAT a man or a woman?)

There is a real reason and real some consequences for this "Feminization of our culture" and it transcends the LBGQT community's stated purpose of addressing issues of sexuality, identity, gender and freedom of expression.  It is the purposeful destruction of the traditional family unit and subsequently, the destruction of America as a Christian Nation.  The end game is the merging American and all nations into a "Global community".   A hypothetical "world of peace, equality and prosperity-for-all", which has been the stated purpose of Globalists for decades, if not centuries.  (The Left, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, etc.)


However, sharp the biological and historical distinctions between men and women, especially as described in the Bible, is an obstacle to the Globalist-Leftist agenda.  Thus, an intensification in the cultural war.  And, although the cultural war hasn't been decided, the Left is decidedly winning this war.


Like so many of the ills in our society, I lay this illness, - the loss of manhood & manliness - and the  destruction of the family, squarely on the steps of the Church.

You see, the Church is tasked, by God, with the development and maturing of the soul (the mind, will and emotions) , as well as our Spiritual development.  These distinctions have been established throughout history and found in the Bible.  When these principals are violated or abrogated, failure is certain.

As an antidote to the spreading virus of "homogenizing genders", we need strong, public, male role models, strong families and strong "Proverbs-31 women".   My concern is that most people, and in particular, those among us who should know better, don't understand the value and power of this imagery.

The Old and New Testaments of the Bible show men as the model for leadership in the Church and family, and there is a reason:  IT WORKS.  It works better if we have strong, lasting and successful families.  Veer away from this model and you open a "Pandora's box" of troubles.   There is a clear division of roles and responsibilities for men and women.

Why must we "submit"?

click the link above here

Distinct roles for men and women is one of the main reason the Left disdains the Bible and why they resent traditional Biblical Christianity. 


Another reason the Left disdains the Bible and resents traditional Biblical Christianity is that man is in rebellion against God and has been since creation.  Obedience and dependence on God, rather than simple self reliance, is an obstacle to man's effort to rebuild their "Tower of Babel", which is man's attempt to "reach into the heavens and to replace God with man's government, so man can do anything he desires".  (click the link to the Tower of Babel and read more about it).


But, this deception, of role reversals and rebellion against God, has found its way into the church.  (Actually, its not all that new.  the Apostle Paul addressed a similar thing in his time.  But, it is back, now, with a vengeance.)


When I go into many churches, I see a majority of women and many churches are being lead by this majority of women.   Many choirs are made up, mostly, of women or docile males.  Many choir directors are the 'artsy' type.  Many church important discipleship leaders positions are filled by women.  And, now, pulpits are being opened to  women, effeminate men or homosexuals.


Many men in church leadership or men in the pulpit are not a "traditionally manly" model in the genre of the bible. Too many are sloppy in appearance, out of shape, uncertain apologetic and unprepared.  For those who do 'act like a man', often surround themselves with a cadre of women or 'yes-men'.  It would seem that too many 'pastors' are afraid of simply to work with strong visionary men with leadership skills or just don't know how.

So, what can we do?

1. Pray. Yes, of course, we must pray.  But, perhaps we should think as Oswald Chambers said,  "To say that prayer changes things is not as close to the truth as saying, Prayer changes me and then I change things.”  We must pray and act!

2. .  Stop supporting or attending churches which say they "bible-based" but do not practice the Bible.

3.  Attend Bible-based churches led by men and women who practice their perspective Biblical roles.


4.  Remember the model Jesus demonstrated:  Matthew 4:18-19  "Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen.  And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus called
Peter , which coincidentally, in the Greek language of the New Testament means = ROCK;  and, Jesus called Andrew, which in the Greek means = MANLY.

Both men and women are 'called by God' to serve.  But, their roles and responsibilities are well defined by God, Himself and we would do well to observe all His Word and to do them for our success.

4.  Read this, watch the video and follow the Biblical example.



Your Brother and Friend,


Mike Young

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