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I am sharing today’s message, via a video sermon (at the end of this page), by Pastor Trent Casto, Covenant Church of Naples PCA, Naples, Florida, that will answer some of the most daunting questions about our covenant relationship with God.

I have been a Christian for about 45 years.  I have been taught and trained in Christian theology and the study of God’s Word and I still study God’s Word, daily.  And I still have questions about what and why God has unfolded our salvation and world history the way He has done it.

Why did Jesus have to suffer so horribly and die so shamefully, for our sins?  Couldn’t God have done it any other way?

How does Jesus’ death excuse my sins?  (I know the doctrinal explanation, but, really, HOW does that work in LIFE?)

When did this all start?  Men and women had become so evil that God destroyed most of them.  I mean, Jesus wasn’t a ‘sudden idea’ of God, so He wouldn’t have to destroy us again, was He?

Where is this all going?

What does ancient Hebrew law and Israel have to do with me and God’s plan for my life?

This sermon answers the most daunting and most sought after explanations about WHYs, HOWs, WHENs, WHEREs and WHAT of our faith, SO ANY CHRISTIAN CAN UNDERSTAND and have their faith strengthened.

I am sharing today’s message (sermon) by Pastor Trent Casto, Covenant Church of Naples PCA, Naples, Florida, that answers those questions.  Listen to the end, and you will be deeply and greatly encouraged.

In Deuteronomy, God re-establishes Israel as his covenant people. What does it mean to be the covenant people of God, and what are the implications for our lives today?

Get ready to be encouraged in a very BIG way!

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

Sermon Outline:

I.   A Promise of Land, People, and Blessing.

II.  The Establishment of God’s Covenant People.

III. Deuteronomy as a Covenant Treaty.

IV. The Long Way of Disobedience.

V. Living as God’s Covenant People Today.

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