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Please Watch the Important Videos Below

Father James Altman discusses the 167 years of warnings from the last TEN popes about the evils of socialism, and how the United States is under relentless attack by socialists NOW who openly operate in our country under sweet-sounding names like liberty, justice, love, and equality, which are really nothing more than adjectives for human exaltation, religious humanism, Gnosticism, tyranny, slavery and death.

Regardless of whether you are a CATHOLIC, a PROTESTANT, an OTHER or a “NONE” – If you love America and want to be informed beyond a suspicion or an opinion that something is seriously wrong, PLEASE watch the videos, below.

The late theologian, Frances Schaeffer, wrote about relationships and associations and our need to be careful to avoid becoming separatists, isolated from others and the world, but also not to be drawn into alliances that would compromise us and our mission.

The two terms he used were “ALLY” and “CO-BELIGERENT”.

An ALLY is a person who is a born-again and fully devoted follower of Christ with whom I can go a long way with, down any path.

A CO-BELIGERENT is someone who may not have any sufficient basis for taking the right position but takes the right positions on a single issue. I can join with this person without any danger as long as I realize that he is not an ALLY that we are cooperating only on a single issue.

1. So when it comes to issues of the common good, such as ending abortions, preserving religious freedom, healing racial divisions, or relieving poverty, we can be CO-BELLIGERENTS and cooperate with people or organizations who do not share our Christian convictions. But we must not be drawn into becoming full ALLIES and careful not to disclose detail about our organizations, personnel or our ongoing methods, lest our CO-BELLIGERENTS would use these against us on other issues.

2. Secondarily, but just as important, we are defined by our associations. This can hamper the effectiveness of our mission going forward.

3. Finally, we can be INFLUENCED by close relationships and continuing associations. Should this happen, be certain you are at risk of losing your “Savor and Light”, and if that happens you are rendered impotent.

I say this as I do not agree with most of what the Catholic Church represents, what it has done and continues to do in its faith and practices, and the insidious evil within the church. HOWEVER, there are some left in the Catholic Church who know right from wrong, love God and love America, and they are still speaking out. They are our Co-Belligerents! (for whatever reasons they continue to hang on is beyond my comprehension – I hope it is for the very same reasons Luther took a stand and, thus the Great Reformation and Protestantism. I believe the Catholic Church is way past due for a New Reformation and a new Protest.  Maybe, this is the guy?)

I am posting three videos by Father James Altman IN REVERSE ORDER (i.e., part 3, first, part 2, second and finally, part 1.)


Next, Part II – Fr. James Altman doubles down in his widely anticipated follow up to the viral video “YOU CANNOT BE A CATHOLIC AND A DEMOCRAT” – which he maintains is the simple truth and a no-brainer statement. Altman discusses the “great tragedy” of the Church, and left-wing cancel culture – the bullying and socialist tactics used in opposition to him and other faithful Catholics.

Part I, Fr. James Altman articulates why, “YOU CANNOT BE A CATHOLIC AND A DEMOCRAT”.  (We need some Protestant pastors of ‘renown’ to speak as clearly, without fear of losing their ‘church tithes’.

Father Altman speaks forcefully about the subverting of the Church through the invasion of evil within the Church.  Altman names this evil: Socialism, Marxism, Leninism, Communism and its variants.

Take note, however, the variants of this evil are only the cloaks of secrecy and the eventual manifestation is the work of “The Dragon and the Two Beasts“.

Most importantly, we must be ‘sold out’ as fully devoted followers of Jesus and completely committed as ‘Soldiers of the Cross’.  (“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” Revelation 12:11.)

The next step to engaging and fighting this evil is to be aware that it exists;  then, we must be fully informed about the enemies battle plans, methods, techniques, whereabouts and goals.

Ephesians 6:10 instructs us, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Verse 11. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.”  We must engage the enemy where ever we find him.  Speak the word of God and do not fear, because God will give you the words as you need them!  

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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