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I was sitting in front of a car salesman’s desk and a desk plaque read, “I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL”.  I thought, “Okay, That’s a play on words when it comes to car sales. He makes BIG DEALS, guess?” (Or, maybe….?)

The next day I was at home, and I was uttering a prayer of gratitude to God and the thought struck me, “Am I big enough of a deal for God to hear me?” I stopped praying to think about that idea.

(Please click the image above).

God knows. God knows I am here, and He cares about me.

If you could pull your view of earth into outer space, the state of Florida, where I live, would appear as just as small as a speck, unnoticeable and irrelevant. I would be invisible. (Please click the image to the left).:

God knows Florida is still here. He also knows I am still here, and He sees me through and through.

From Mars, the earth would be just a tiny speck and both Florida and I would be completely invisible. (Please click the image to the left).

God knows that I am still here, He can see me and is with me. He loves me and watches over me.

From the Kuiper Belt and beyond, earth, Florida and forgotten, and in that place, I am unknown. But I am not forgotten by God. God knows.  (Please watch this short video).

“Hmmmm. I might not be much of a big deal in the grand scheme of things or in the grand scale of creation, or even in the things don’t matter. But in God’s mind, you and I must be “His big deal”. He knows where we are at all times, and He keeps a watchful eye over us. He loves, protects us and provides for us, beyond reason. He has done it all for us!


Think about it.


Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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