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PERFECTION – Chapter 26 – Where Do We Go From Here?

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

No one can accurately predict the future course of world events. We can speculate what is coming or what will happen next, but we are usually wrong, at least in the details.

We can, however, see what Bible prophecy tells us is coming, but correlating prophecy to the details of current day events is risky and usually unproductive.

These next chapters will show the course of prophetic events yet to come. We can only speculate which actual current events are harbingers of these prophecies, but we can use our knowledge of these prophecies to prepare for what is coming.

I will deal with just three major unfulfilled prophetic events with which we need to concern ourselves in the next several chapters:

The Great Apostasy and

The revealing of the Anti-Christ, and

The rapture of the Church.

I will give details of each event, what they mean to people on earth, how we should prepare, and the consequences of each event.

I will then conclude with detailed information about what happens after the rapture. The last section will be interesting, but the first half will exclude Christians who have followed Jesus as believers. The rest of humanity will be given one last, although very slim, chance to escape the final judgment and wrath of God, during the Great

Tribulation, but most will not escape and will be doomed to spend eternity in the lake of fire.

The second half of these concluding chapters will deal with what happens to Christians after the rapture.

(NOTE: Not everyone who calls themselves ‘Christian’ is known by Jesus as ‘one of His’. Some go about under that moniker but have denied and have been denied the power therein. I urge every person calling themselves Christians to prayerfully visit our addendum page, “What it means to be a Christian”.)


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