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Imagine with me, if you will, that you have obtained reliable information contained in classified documents that a series of asteroids are going to hit earth, perhaps similar to what happened on Jupiter in 1994.

These classified documents don’t give the exact day or hour, but they do predict it will be soon.

 You have learned that these impacts will most likely create devastating worldwide earthquakes and that the force of these impacts could destabilize the earth mantle causing upheaval of the earth’s crust; the geography of the earth will likely become unrecognizable, as mountains and oceans would be displaced. Debris from these collisions will be blown into the atmosphere, with the potential darkening the sun and causing the moon to appear a reddish color. (Reference Index)

These reports estimate that as many as one in three inhabitants of earth could die from the resulting effects of these collisions.

The information you have obtained says the only chance of surviving the initial impact is to take refuge in deep underground bunkers.

Here are some of the predicted after affects:

There could be what appears to be “hail and fire mixed with blood” raining back down on earth from these impacts, as the polar icecaps, magma from the subterranean earth and human and animal remains fall back to earth; as much as a third of the earth would be burned up, destroying possibly as much as a third of all the earth’s vegetation. (Reference index)

Volcanic activity will most likely erupt across the globe.  Some of the most devastating effects would come from pyroclastic flows, a mixture of ash, volcanic gas, rocks, and lava that generally reaches temperatures of 300 to 1,300 degrees which can move at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour and can travel for miles. These pyroclastic flows will destroy almost everything in their paths, causing fires and floods, and would bury everything under a mixture of rock, ash, and accumulated debris. They would be hurled into the sea; and it is estimated that as much as a third of the sea would appear blood-like and that a third of the creatures in the sea will die-off and a most of the world’s seaborne ships could be destroyed. (Reference index)

It is predicted that the surviving inhabitants on earth would suffer radiation exposure causing painful sores and even death.

The oceans and all the fresh waters on earth would be contaminated and become virtually dead; much of the earth’s atmosphere would be compromised and the sun would scorch people with intense heat; the planet, at this point, would look more like an alien world of molten lava, flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder; and great earthquakes, such as there had not been since mankind came to be upon the earth. (Reference index)

If this were true, what would you do to get ready?

Whom would you tell?

How would you explain this to others?

ALERT: This scenario is not imaginary.  This is recorded as a coming event, and now, you have been informed. 

For those who doubt the veracity or accuracy of this report, please read here: “What are the Odds?

There is a means of escape, but time could be very short. You need to decide.

NOTE: If you have knowledge of this event, and you have been largely silent, it is time to inform yourself and to speak out and warn others.

If you are a Christian, especially if have been trained and have knowledge of Bible eschatology, and you have been silent, you could be held complicit in the deaths of billions. It is past the time for you to inform yourself and others.

If you are a pastor, preacher, evangelist or a Bible teacher, please consider that the Main Bible Subject is “Jesus” and His Gospel.  Jesus warns of these coming events and provides a way of escape.  Everything else you might say about Jesus, those things which flow from Him, may be “Necessary, but they are Secondary”.  Jesus is the MAIN THING! Every sermon or teaching should start and end with the subject of Jesus.  All of His teachings and anything else you might have to say may be “Necessary, but they are Secondary”.  Jesus, alone, is the MAIN THING. Every Church program should start with and end with Jesus as the Subject and Object.  Everything else may be “Necessary, but it is Secondary”.

Audio by Pastor Alistair Begg at Truth for Life, on our need as disciples to stay focused on doing the Will of God and being about His Work.  Please – this is a MUST-LISTEN.

The Gifts of the Spirit are given to you but they are build up, to edify and serve the Church, but they are NOT the main thing.  They are “Necessary, but they are Secondary” to Jesus. YOU and I and every Christian are frontline soldiers of the Cross.  Our mission is to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to follow all that Jesus commanded.”  Everything else may be “Necessary, but it is Secondary”.

Please stop talking “about it” and LET’S GO & GET THIS DONE!

Your Brother and Concerned Friend,

Mike Young

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