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A slick and powerful, multifaceted global government propaganda cabal, is pushing THE SOCIALIST AGENDA ACROSS THE GLOBE.

The United Nations has been at work over the last thirty-five years, quietly and surreptitiously assembling a global organization and network with an agenda. It was named the Agenda 21, the twenty-one designating their goal to fully implement their global plans in the 21st century.

Produced by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development, authored by Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party, the term Sustainable Development was first introduced to the world in the pages of a 1987 report (Our Common Future).

The term was first offered as official U.N. policy in 1992, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the U.N.’s Earth Summit, today referred to simply as Agenda 21.

The full implementation of Agenda 21, the Program for Further Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Commitments to the Rio principles, were strongly reaffirmed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (W.S.S.D.) held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 26 August to 4 September 2002.  The actual and basic goals of the United Nation’s Agentda-21 and the W.S.S.D are hidden behind the stated goals of, which will be reaffirmed at a world summit in 2022, and Agenda 2030 was inaugurated, which set the date for the Globalist-Marxist Great Reset, and world domination. (No, this is not science fiction.)

The Capitalist, Published June 26, 2020 (Excerpt)

“Quietly, while the coronavirus pandemic distracted the world, a group of liberal “key global governmental and business leaders” met in Switzerland and planned the next coup d’etat to take over the global economy. Many call it The Great Reset. It also means “dangerous times for those who support individual liberties and free markets.”

The World Economic Forum will hold a summit next year to further their initiative. According to them, “The Great Reset is a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future. It requires a new social contract centered on human dignity, social justice and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.”

“What it is really trying to accomplish is using the coronavirus pandemic as a cover. They’re aiming for a renewed push for Socialism and climate change initiatives.”

The World Economic Forum and the United Nations signed a Strategic Partnership Framework, June 13, 2019, outlining areas of cooperation to deepen institutional engagement and jointly accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The framework was drafted based on a mapping of existing collaboration between the two institutions and will enable a more strategic and coordinated approach towards delivering impact.

The UN-Forum Partnership was signed in a meeting held at United Nations headquarters between UN Secretary-General António Guterres and World Economic Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab.


THE NEW AMERICAN, The New American – Europe; UN-Backed “Great Reset” to Usher in New World Order, July 15, 2020, Alex Newman, (Excerpt)

“Get ready for a lot less freedom and prosperity, and a lot more government — at least if the elites get their way.  After peddling coronavirus lockdowns that crushed the economy and funding riots that terrorized the public under the guise of fighting “systemic racism,” Deep State globalists are stepping in to offer their proposed “solution” to the crises they themselves unleashed: A “Great Reset” to transform the world and everything in it, supposedly for the benefit of the masses, but really for the benefit of the ruling classes.

“Top leaders of Big Business, Big Globalism, and Big Government worldwide — including royalty and mass-murdering communist tyrants — are jumping on the bandwagon. But even before the scheme is fully outlined and understood, resistance is growing quickly.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” added Schwab, calling for even “stronger and more effective” government. “We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.” And there is no other choice but to submit, he and others declared.”

“In short, what remains of the tattered free-market system is set to be tossed out — along with the vibrant middle class it sustained. In its place will rise technocratic governance based on nebulous “social” and “environmental” goals set by the technocrats.”

“For decades, progressives have attempted to use climate change to justify liberal policy changes. But their latest attempt – a new proposal called the “Great Reset” – is the most ambitious and radical plan the world has seen in more than a generation.

“At a virtual meeting earlier in June hosted by the World Economic Forum, some of the planet’s most powerful business leaders, government officials and activists announced a proposal to “reset” the global economy. Instead of traditional capitalism, the high-profile group said the world should adopt more socialistic policies, such as wealth taxes, additional regulations and massive Green New Deal-like government programs.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” wrote Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in an article published on World Economic Forum’s website. “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.

“Although many details about the Great Reset won’t be rolled out until the World Economic Forum meets in Davos in January 2021, the general principles of the plan are clear: The world needs massive new government programs and far-reaching policies comparable to those offered by American socialists such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in their Green New Deal plan.

“Or, put another way, we need a form of socialism – a word the World Economic Forum has deliberately avoided using, all while calling for countless socialist and progressive plans.”

OK?  Now you have an idea of what the CoronaVirus pandemic is really all about.  Now you know what the GREAT RESET is all about.  The question remains is,“what can we do about it?

Beating Back the Great Reset – World leaders’ radical plan to transform the economy, by Justin Haskins. (Justin Haskins is the director of the Socialism Research Center and editorial director at The Heartland Institute.)

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young


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