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Feeling inspired or convicted from a sermon had become a rare thing for me.  Especially for that conviction or inspiration to last for weeks at a time.  But, to weep from a sermon had become nonexistent, until lately.

I encourage you to listen to the video below, absorb it and then act!

Daniel 10:1 – Daniel 11:1 Pastor Trent Casto, Covenant Church of Naples, FL – PCA                              (Excerpt reprinted, with permission)

“We are engaged in a cosmic spiritual conflict that has been raining for ages, and the events we see playing out in our world are reflections of the unseen war taking place in the heavenly places.”

“We see the effects of this spiritual conflict playing out in the world all around us. Governments are telling churches they cannot meet for worship in person, Christians are telling pastors they will leave the church if they have to wear a mask. Pastors are leaving their churches because of the extraordinary pressure and levels of conflict occurring in this season. Our news and newsfeeds are filled with so much disinformation that few people know who they can really trust, effectively unraveling the very fabric of our society.

“Real racism is a present reality as is real injustice in the halls of power.  Kids are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Depression and anxiety feel like the norm for our teens, rather than the exception. Human trafficking, the pornography industry and legalized abortion have ravaged countless lives. Of course, responsible human agents are involved in all these situations, but Christians must not forget that these are also the effects of the unseen war that is raging.

“Only when we understand the true nature of our conflict in this world can we engage in it appropriately and effectively. The Apostle Paul writes, in Ephesians 6:12…”

(For the message only, click on the video above here.  For the entire church service, click on the image below here)

What shall we do?

  1. We need a hunger for God

  2. We need a Fresh Vision, Word and Touch form God

  3. We need an Unshakable Confidence in God

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

I pray that ‘the LORD bless you, and keep us;  The LORD make His face shine on us, And be gracious to us;  The LORD lift up His countenance on us,  And give us peace.’

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