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Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:

We have been called to join Jesus on the front lines of the battlefield. The time for worry, complaining, standing, watching and waiting is over.

We are seeing an unprecedented unleashing demonic activity from the depths of hell. Our nation and world is being overcome by evil, perversity, disease, war, hatred and divisions, and we are called to stand in the gap!

God tells us, repeatedly, through the Bible, to "gird ourselves up" with the full armor of God, fear not, stand firm and engage the enemy. He has promised us that everywhere our foot treads shall be ours and that no enemy will be able to stand before us all the days of our lives. He has given us His Authority, and that He is with us until the end of the age.

Before you dismiss this, ask yourself, "What are you DOING that He told you to do, in these Last Days?" This is URGENT!

I am pleading with you to meet in Him in your Prayer Room, daily.

Here is a Prayer Journal to help us get started. (You can download and/or print "War Room Journal"from .PDF format)

Please let me know you will.

Your Brother and Friend,

Mike Young

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