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Cover Letter & Resume for

Michael J. Young, Sr.




10608 Jackson Square Drive, Estero, Florida  33928



I have attached a resume and brief summary of my life’s work history.  I am attaching this letter to fill in some details of my conversion experience, my walk with the Lord and my service to Him.

I met my wife, Elizabeth (Betty) Young in high school, in 1965.  We married in 1968.  We have been married for 52 years.  I entered the U.S. Army Security Agency (military intelligence branch) that same year.

Both, I and my wife, received Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord in 1978.  The first church we attended and joined as new Christians was Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.

I had attended college classes while in the military and at Virginia Commonwealth University after leaving the military.  I attended classes at Boyce Bible College 1991 through 1992.

I first served as a Deacon in our Baptist church in 1985.  I began serving as a pulpit-fill preacher, itinerant pastor, guest speaker, and Evangelist from 1991 through 2000.

I completed Pastoral counseling certification through the Baptist Association in Richmond, Virginia, in 1993.

I served as a guest interim Pastor at Kentwood Heights Baptist, New Kent, Virginia in 1992 under Pastor Charles Gibson.
Our family moved to White Stone Virginia in 2000 where I served as pastor of discipleship and evangelism at the White Stone Church for three years.  I was locally licensed by the Nazarene Church in 2002.

I planted and established The White Stone Fellowship in White Stone, Virginia in 2006.

I continue as director and pastor for White Stone Fellowship.  Our ministry and mission is to establish Home Fellowships with the intention of reaching the lost and the straying.  I also maintain the ONLINE White Stone Fellowship and God’s Truth, Incorporated.  ( ).

I clearly sense God’s clear call, back to active full-time pulpit ministry in order to equip and prepare the Church for Christ’s return.


The Body of Christ must come together and boldly proclaim His message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and to model that Godly love in our daily lives.

We must live the example of Christ Jesus, without compromise or wavering but we must also confront the evils in our society and this world and speak the Word of God without fear.




Michael J. Young, Sr.




Michael J. Young, Sr.

Pastor / Teacher

10608 Jackson Square Drive, Estero, Florida  33928



Work History Summary


U.S. Army Security Agency (military intelligence) active duty for approximately eight years, 1968 through 1976.  Honorable discharge.

I married my wife, Betty Young, in 1968.  We, both, were saved in 1974 and have continued to serve God in various capacities.


  • Deacon in the Baptist Church (since 1985)

  • Sunday School and bible teacher (since 1985)

  • Itinerant preacher, pulpit-fill preacher, Evangelist, Bi-Vocational Pastor, various churches (since 1991)

  • Interim pastor, Kentwood Heights Baptist Church (1992)

  • Associate pastor of Evangelism and discipleship, White Stone Church, White Stone, Virginia (2000)

  • Established The White Stone Fellowship, White Stone, Virginia (Lead Pastor) 2006


I entered life insurance sales in 1976 and worked as a bi-vocational pastor.  I incorporated our business as M.I.P.C., Inc., a life insurance agency in 1991.  Our agency grew to twenty-two administrative staff and over forty full time life insurance agents with sales exceeding eight million dollars annually and building an insurance clientele of over twenty thousand customers.

We have two married sons and two grandchildren.  Our sons and their wives are committed Christians.

Retired from pulpit ministry in 2012.  However, I have a clear call back to active full-time pulpit ministry.

Article I.  Credentials & Work History


Local Ordination (Baptist)  Virginia                                                                        1990

Licensed Minister (Nazarene) Virginia                                                                   2002

General Agency, Insurance                                                                                       1976 to 2015

Principal Broker-Dealer (Securities Sales & Management)                               1981 to 1985

Article II.  Experience

Military Intelligence, United States Army Security Agency                               1968 to 1976

General Agency, M.I.P.C., Inc., Owner                                                                   1976 to 2015

Evangelist, Occasional Interim                                                                               1991 to 2000

Associate Pastor, White Stone, Virginia                                                                2000 to 2006

Lead Pastor, White Stone Fellowship, White Stone, Virginia                            2006 to 2008

Pastor & Director, White Stone Fellowship, Estero, Florida                             2008 to present

Article III.  Education

Business Administration, Virginia Commonwealth                                            1972 to 1976

General Ministry Training, Boyce Bible                                                                1991 to 1993

Pastoral Counseling, Baptist Board                                                                       1992


Online Ministry Website

Online Sermons examples:


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