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Revelation: The Fuel Project Guide

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Few books amaze, confuse and intrigue like the Book of Revelation. In this study guide, Mark Fairley not only guides the reader through the prophetic imagery of the book itself, but uniquely incorporates the end-time prophecies of Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and others to create a comprehensive, clear, whole-Bible narrative of future events.

While the Book of Revelation is often sobering, it ultimately reveals how evil will be overthrown and how God's victory will be achieved. This study guide is an invaluable tool in helping us understand how those days will come to pass.  Here is a series of videos from the Fuel Project which will make it possible for the average reader to understand more about the Book of The Revelation.  (I might suggest you start with part 11 then go to part 1)

part 11
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